ZIMRIT Anti Barking Device – Dog Barking Deterrent Devices –

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  • Tired of the excessive dog barking? Stop bad habits now with our ultrasonic no barking device. Sound from anti-barking device is a sign of no-no for your pet dog. An excellent way to stop your doggy from barking, chewing, digging, fighting, jumping, begging and biting.
  • Hate when neighbour’s dog barks? Long 20ft control range will get dog’s attention anywhere anytime! No more annoyance! Sounds can only be heard by dogs- Not audiable to humans. Sit on your couch and make neighbours dog stop barking.
  • Scared of dangerous dogs? Anti-bark deterrent has a 20feet control range (Longer than most other Handheld Dog Repellent). Protect yourself while Walking, Jogging or Bicycling. Carry it around to drive away unfriendly dogs encountered on the road.
  • How can I train my dog? Simply click “On” button and put an end to unwanted behavior with this dog training device. Excellent choice for daily training at home, at the dog park, or on a walk/hike with your doggy. Its portable design makes it easy to use indoor and outdoor.
  • Why buy Anti-Barking Device? No need to hire professional trainers. It’ll save you lots of money and make you the trainer. Use it to train your own dog, Lightweight & compact dog training bark stopper works on a 9V battery(Included). Zimrit Ultrasound bark controller uses frequency, which has no effect on dog’s health.


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